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Universal City, TX is a growing city that sits just 15 miles northeast of San Antonio. If you plan to own property in the area, here’s what you should know.

Universal City, TX Overview

Universal City is a city in Bexar County with a population of 20,532. On of the most notable things about Universal City is its convenient location. It sits just 15 miles from San Antonio and 19 miles away from New Braunfels. Its beauty and amenities attract hundreds of new tenants each year.

One of the best things about Universal City is its food and shopping scene. Chain restaurants as well as local authentic Mexican restaurants are abundant in the city. Plenty of grocery stores, boutiques, and department stores are also available for residents.

Not to mention, the city is diverse. People from various backgrounds are attracted to Universal City because it’s welcoming to people from different walks of life.

Investing in Universal City, TX Real Estate

Ambitious real estate investors are turning their heads to Universal City because of its promising housing market. Because of its location, the city has a steady influx of new residents every year. As a result, there’s always a healthy demand for houses. This is especially true when it comes to rental property. Over 40% of Universal City residents are renters, which is higher than many other cities in the San Antonio metropolis area. As more millennials move in, this percentage is expected to increase.

Another upside of investing in Universal City real estate is the housing variety. Home owners can expect to find anything from modest one-bedroom townhouses to large family homes. Generally, houses range from $121,000 to $242,000. However, home buyers can also find places below $80,000 and above $350,000. The possibilities are endless!

Finding Property Management in Universal City, TX

If you own or plan to own property in Universal City, it’s essential to find a reputable property management company. As a homeowner, tasks like financial planning, handling liability issues, and tenant screening can seem impossible to keep up with. Not to mention the repairs and tenant demands. Thankfully, NextDoor Property Management is here to help.

Our friendly staff is highly experienced when it comes to property management in Universal City, TX. No matter what your needs are, we offer flexible plans that are sure to meet them.

Choose NextDoor Property Management in say goodbye to being a full-time home owner.

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Property Marketing

Get the right tenant for your home with the help of our marketing experts. We get your vacancy in front of as many eyes as possible, with proven marketing & advertising techniques.

Tenant Screening

We enforce strict rental criteria for all applicants. This approach keeps your property protected and helps us set a foundation for success. We only place the very best renters in your home.

Rent Collection

Is receiving your monthly rent payments a guessing game for you? Say goodbye to the hassle, once and for all. Our accountants process invoices, collect funds, and deposit your earnings to your account.


Keep your property in the best shape by letting our maintenance crew take the reins. We process incoming support requests, get repairs scheduled, and make sure work is completed on time.

Property Inspections

Do you often find yourself worrying about the health of your rental home? At NextDoor, we schedule frequent property inspections to provide a closer look at what's taking place in your home.

Financial Reporting

We create monthly reports to document your recent earnings and expenses. Sign into the online account portal to view these at any time.

Legal Guidance

Don't leave your legal compliance up to chance. As a NextDoor client, you'll benefit from ongoing support and guidance from a team that knows the ins and outs of housing law.

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We Enjoy Great Tenant Relationships

Our rental experts aren't just industry experts; we're also pros at keeping tenants happy. We know what modern renters want to see in their homes and we use this insight to maximize your annual profits.

Technology Keeps Our Team Efficient

From online property listings to digital rent payments and maintenance requests, our team makes it easy for clients and tenants to interact with us. We get the job done quickly and maintain satisfaction.

Our Customer Service is the Best

Plain and simple, no other firm matches our commitment to providing great service. We do whatever it takes to help our clients succeed. We answer your calls & emails and provide the best support in the industry.

You'll Never Meet More Honest PMs

Many landlords fear property managers...for good reason. Our competitors may use hidden costs and tricky contracts to make you stumble, but we do things differently. We are committed to honesty & transparency.

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"I love to support a locally owned and operated business. They are very professional and take pride in the service they provide. Mr. Fulton made the process seamless, I would recommend to anybody in the San Antonio area ."

— Cornez Percell

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"NextDoor PM is amazing to work with. From beginning to end they are there for you and help you to understand everything during the process. Very professional, attentive, and keeps your best interest in mind. Thank you NextDoor PM!"

— Jennifer Carraway

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